Professional Attributes

 I am highly skilled with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher)

 I have an innate talent for public speaking and engaging others through communications and outreach

 I have a positive attitude and I am very outgoing and personable

 I adapt easily to change and I am flexible with the unexpected

 I pride myself on my professionalism and work ethic

 I am punctual and well-prepared on a daily basis

 I am an experienced and effective teacher. I am skilled with instructing adults and youths across the spectra of abilities, backgrounds, and subjects

 I have strong management skills. Through interaction, evaluation, and data analysis I continuously work with others to improve individual outcomes and overall achievement

 I am highly organized and I pay attention to detail while keeping in mind the big picture

 I am technologically savvy. I have vast experience using tablet, Smart Board, document camera, presentation, web design, and production technologies

 I am very creative. I am exceptional at creating solutions. I have a keen artistic eye and ear which guide my success in professional endeavors

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